Kids Decals Make Learning Fun

First on the list of helpful kids decals, are chalkboard stickers. If you haven’t heard of these, you’re missing out! These are one of the newest inventions when it comes to wall decor. Instead of having bulky chalkboards, you can now buy chalkboard decals! These decals are made of strong but thin, flexible vinyl. They’re reusable and removable and stick to any clean, smooth surface. So your imagination is truly the limit. They aren’t just stickers for walls either! You can apply them to refrigerators to help you and your kids keep track of schedules and appointments through the busy school year. You can stick them to the top of your pre-schooler’s desk to encourage their practice of penmanship. Your tween or teen may find them helpful to apply to their lockers at school.

Chalkboard stickers come in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase chalkboard panels and put them in separate places or position them all together to form one gigantic chalkboard! There are fun shapes, like animals, buses and circles for preschoolers and for tweens there are guitars and fancy designs! What kid, no matter how old they are, wouldn’t think it’s super cool to write on the walls?

If you’d prefer to avoid the “mess” of chalk dust, then the dry erase panels and sheets would be perfect for you! Again, like the chalkboard stickers, these dry erase boards are made of that same wonderfully flexible but durable material. They are, as well, removable and repositionable and come in all different shapes and sizes too. Both the chalkboards and whiteboards are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. You can use regular chalk or dry erase markers on them, no special writing tools are needed.

Here’s a fun fact to tuck away in your brain for both the chalkboard and whiteboard kids decals. You can cut any of these products to whatever object you desire! Say you’re putting up a chalkboard decal in your son’s room that’s decorated in cars and trucks and anything with engines and wheels. Using a pencil or pen, you can trace an image of a car or truck onto the backing of the decal (before you peel it off the decal). Then carefully cut out the shape, peel it off the silicone backing, stick it to the wall, dresser, door, wherever and enjoy!

New designs and products are coming out all the time. One of these super cool items are the Dry Erase Photo frames. These are not as organizational in nature… but still very cool for the teen going off to college or for your tween that’s looking to pimp out their locker at school! Dry Erase Photo Frames kids decals are sold in a pack of three and include “tacks” and “tape” kids decals. Simply frame your friends and fav places with these special frames. Then write a funny caption or title for each image.

A great benefit to both the chalkboard and whiteboard kids decals is that they’re very economical and earth friendly. If you’re family is anything like mine, we go through a LOT of paper. Whether it’s making “To-Do” lists or the kids doodling their hearts out, we are certainly not saving any trees in our house with all the paper we use. By strategically placing these decals around the house, families could seriously cut back on the amount of paper that they go through. As well, my son, who is four, loves to practice his letters. By placing a fun chalkboard decal in his play area, I can still encourage this activity but be friendly to our earth as well!

The last group of kids decals that make learning fun are the many different styles of number and alphabet wall stickers! Because these kids decals are removable and reusable, your toddler and pre-schooler can use these fun and colorful to learn their ABC’s and 123’s. They can peel off the objects and match them to the letter they start with. Like move the elephant beside the “E” and so on. This is fun, interactive and a great way to encourage learning and stimulate their imagination. You can use them to teach colors and positions as well. “Which letter is Red?” or “Which object is Bigger?” or “Which object is Below the letter?”. You get the idea. The ways you can use these cute kids decals is vast.