Make Kid Enjoy Cleaning

1. If the Dad cleans, the kid cleans – It is universally accepted, I don’t know for what reason, that cleaning is Mommy’s duty. Even the new born knows that. He pisses and looks at mommy to clean the mess. What does Daddy do? Cuddle the child when clean? Actually, in many homes, daddy actively participates in creating mess around. As Daddy so is the kid. When you ask your kid to clean, he/she will give an immediate answer ‘Even Daddy is not cleaning. Why aren’t you questioning him?’ It is very obvious that kids look up to their parents and especially daddy. When the man of the house participates in cleaning voluntarily, the child will follow him without a doubt.What do you say?

2. Instead of ordering, join them in cleaning – Many a times we end up saying ‘Do this’ and ‘Do that’. Sometimes it does irritate our kids. C’mon they are kids and they need to be treated as kids and not as adults. When you order, the kids will do the work but will never enjoy doing it. This makes the cleaning process a difficult ‘chore’ in the house. Instead, if you join hands with them in cleaning saying ‘let us clean the car today’, not only is the work done, but also you connect with your kid and give a comfort feeling to them. This increases their trust and confidence in you and they will know for sure that Mommy/Daddy will be there during tough times. Child Psychology!

3. Give them reward – Reward works in any field and with any age group. But unless it is not becoming more of a bribe. There is a huge difference here. When you start bribing your kid for doing their job, the kids will know and strongly feel that ‘If I do this work, I will get that’. That’s it. There is no fun, no commitment. Just business. It might work few times, but if you continue doing this, it will affect your relationship and the attitude of the kid. He/She will think everything as a business. No respect for love and affection can be expected in future. Instead, you make the reward more fun oriented or reward them with their favorites. One of my friends rewards her son with a penny for every job done satisfactorily. He puts it in a cookie jar and when the jar is full, he is taken to his favorite hangout place with 2 of his friends. He gets to choose them too. It is a small jar, so they end up going at least once a month and he chooses different friends every time. Wow! What a fun! This made him enjoy his chores. He loves doing it.